Cat Chronicles

Book Two of the Mythosian Chronicles Series

by Richard Hurd



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/13/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 508
ISBN : 9781425987367

About the Book

Cat Chronicles, follows the human incarnation of the Lord Wizard. The man returns to Mythos, and our hero gets transformed into a Bengal Werecat. As the recognized creator of Mythos, he is predestined to take the throne and lead this society that combines ancient mythology with futuristic technology. However, he shies away from ruling the planet, and creates someone to rule in his absence. He then returns to his previous duties as captain of a starship. Eventually he becomes an ambassador to Earth, and saves a race of aliens who are also found to be genetically similar to his new species. In the meantime, he must adjust to his new body and special abilities. He discovers being part Bengal Tiger is only part of a larger problem. He realizes that the “curse” of a were-beast is that that he may never again want to be fully human.

About the Author

After the release of the compilation novels, "Mythosian Chronicles" and "Mythosian Chronicles II", author Richard Hurd received suggestions from fans and critics alike to separate the stories. So in responce to reader suggestions, he is releasing a "second edition series", where each story in the compilation novel will be its own book. Additional character interaction and chapter illustrations are the major additions to the second edition series. Each individual book will also be smaller, and in an easier to read format. Already fans are saying that the second edition of "Lord Wizards Chronicles" is vastly superior as an individual book than it was as part of the first compilation novel. "Cat Chronicles" is now the second book of the second edition, and many fans are already looking forward to seeing it. Rich continues to write as only as a hobby, and plans on releasing a new book every year for the next several years.