Pro se Reference

by Lobo



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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/5/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 280
ISBN : 9781420889888
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 1
ISBN : 9781477280843

About the Book

Pro se Reference

How I Sued a Lawyer for Malpractice

And How I Won!

You Can Do It Too – Pro Se


Pro se – For Yourself

The Pro se Reference describes Lobo’s experience in his successful quest to sue a lawyer for malpractice.  Included are the legal documents Lobo used to win his case, including an example of the actual lawsuit which Lobo researched, composed and filed, acting Pro se.  There are financial templates that can be used to validate your damages.  Information on the whole process; including Court appearances, Discovery, Depositions, Settlement, and Trial will illuminate the Pro se process.  Also, written and screen shot illustrations show how to set up and use your computer, so that tool can be used effectively to fight your Pro se case.  There are examples of the communications you will need to write, and respond to, in order to communicate with the various parties connected to your lawsuit.  You too, acting Pro se, can sue a lawyer for malpractice.  And you too, can win.


The author of the Pro se Reference is not an attorney. This work is not intended to be legal advice. But, Lobo still won his case - HA!


Furthermore, and of equal or more importance to the reader, if you can find "sound legal advice" in a situation of one lawyer willing to represent you in suing another lawyer for malpractice – congratulations! You have stumbled across a MIRACLE! Very few members of the legal profession are willing to become involved in a legal malpractice action against a fellow attorney.


If this was an attempt to give legal advice, Lobo could be prosecuted for practicing law without a license. Of course he doesn’t want that headache; and more importantly, he has more self respect than to be included in that private and privileged club, which, as everyone knows, has a certain percentage of members of very questionable character traits. Of course, to be fair, there are some honest and ethical lawyers out there. Hopefully you might find one who will assist you in your legal malpractice claim.


However, what you don’t know can, and probably will hurt you. That is what the Pro se Reference strives to accomplish – providing reference material, and hard to locate, useful tools in order to make you an informed citizen; one who, according to the law, has the Constitutional Right to represent yourself.


You may have to do it yourself – Pro se. Lobo has been there and done that – successfully.  He initiated, and worked this action Pro se, simply because he could not find an attorney willing to sue another attorney - even if they agreed the Idiot Lawyer had totally screwed up.  Lobo had no other choice, but to go Pro se.


If you want to find out how Lobo did it, and possibly use the information and records of his successful action to pursue you

About the Author

   Lobo, a Kentuckian, is an Honorably Discharged, Vietnam Era Veteran of the United States Coast Guard.  Semper Paratus.

   Since his term of service in the USCG he has worked in the construction industry for most of his career.

   Working his way from carpenter to project management, did not prepare him for the task of representing himself ‘Pro se’ in a legal action.  He had to learn to do this as he went.

You can do it too.  Pro se.