The Fathers of the Nephilim

by Eddie Speaks



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/10/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 320
ISBN : 9781420890082

About the Book



After the creation of man God saw that what He did was good and He provided man with every variety of necessary desires just so He could meet them and offer a satisfaction beyond all understanding. But this His greatest creation had caught the attention of the angelic force that existed in heaven. The angels saw that man was riddled with many wonderful gifts and they wanted to partake of some of those forbidden pleasures.


The bible refers to the angel population as a number that cannot be numbered, but a third of that number left heaven to experience this wonderful creature called man. As these rogue angels left their heavenly home to personally experience the everyday pleasures of man they locked themselves out of a world that they could never return to.


This story tells of how that level of disobedience shook the very foundation of earth and heaven. Because of their disobedience a war ensued that would affect every soul in existence, not only the souls of flesh but the spiritual too. It will explain how the reason for the first flood survived by Noah and his family was a direct attack against the forbidden lusts that burned in the souls of angels for the souls of man.


About the Author

Eddie speaks is a native of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania; He grew up in a steel town surrounded by smokestacks and boat whistles that could be heard along the ever popular three rivers in Pittsburgh; the Allegheny, the Ohio and the Monongahela. All his life he was interested in finding a common cause that all God fearing people could become part of without fear of difference.


He believed that one firm belief in righteousness and goodness was enough to draw people of every persuasion into a community of socially conscious members that actually care about the plight of their neighbors.


He likes writing about things that help us to remember that we are all human and fragile in the most important parts of our interactions. He opens up our eyes to difference by showing us that the more unique someone is, the greater opportunity for sharing, learning and teaching. 


Jesus Christ was by far the most unique person that ever walked the face of the earth, but people feared change and anything that veered from the norm. But change is in the end what saved us all. He changed an entire way of thinking and He was killed for it. Over two thousand years later we realize that the very reason He was killed, is the very same reason that we can be saved and given a second chance at life. This author wants to write about that uniqueness in everything he does.