Buried Treasures - A Date with Destiny

by Linda G. Corley



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/13/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 332
ISBN : 9781420881127

About the Book

The second novel for this author, presents the second installment in the Buried Treasures series.


The saga continues,  following the lives of Raphael and Angelique as they begin their adventure in a tiny coastal village on the Louisiana Gulf Coast.  Cheniere Caminada was a special place, not just because of its picturesque setting and colorful history.  Cheniere was the living monument of a people’s pride, the identity of the people who lived and worked there.  The residents were a fascinating and beautiful variety of Acadians, Cubans, Haitians, Africans, Creoles, Indians, Chinese, Slavics, Italians, Germans, English, Portugese, and Spaniards.


This remote village was a bustling fishing and oyster-harvesting community on October 1st 1893, but on the next morning it was gone.  The Great Gulf Storm of 1893 flooded the tiny village of 450 homes with massive waves and estimated winds of over 100 miles per hour.  The French speaking community consisted of 1600 persons, less than half remained alive.


There were many stories of courage and bravery displayed by men and women during this devastation. However, there was one story of a 14 year old boy, that has never been told - until now. This is a true story of a brave young man named Cledemere who was washed out to sea on a rooftop. Eight days later he was found near death, over 30 miles across the Gulf, away from his home and family. Picked up by the pilot boat "Underwriter," he was taken to New Orleans where the Captain's brother, being a physician, cared for him. Three months later he was well enough to return to his home and family. But had they survived? Was his home still standing? This story will pull at your heart strings.

About the Author

This is the second novel for this author, in the continuing “Buried Treasures” series.  


The author was raised in Golden Meadow, Louisiana on the banks of Bayou Lafourche near the Gulf of Mexico - one hour south of New Orleans.


For 30 years the author worked in the field of Human Services, mostly as a mental health Counselor and Social Services Program Director in the Houma area.  She holds a B.A. in Psychology with graduate work in Psychological Counseling from Nicholls State University and a PhD in Human Services from Walden University.  The author avidly studies genealogy to learn more about her family history and to enhance the authenticity of her fiction.  Both parents offer interesting ancestry; her father part Native American Cherokee from Oklahoma and her mother’s ancestors came over from France.


In 1999, the author retired and opened a Bed & Breakfast.  In 2002 she opened a small Academic Tutoring Center, offering instruction to students from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  Self employment has allowed her the needed time to write and there are several other books in this series, coming soon.


More information is available at:  www.LindaCorley.com or www.BlueHousePublications.com