Mid-Course Correction

A Worldwide Warning

by Eugene C. Shults Sr.



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Language : English
Publication Date : 3/27/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 160
ISBN : 9781420832136

About the Book

Cultural redemption is dead in Christianity, yet it must be reinstated to bring the Bride of Christ to earth, always remembering that Jesus returns only for His Bride.  But the idea of cultural redemption has been missing from the church for 1700 years until, today; its restoration has become an absolute necessity if Christ’s mission is to survive. Let us read John 3:3 backward, for it defines our Christian dilemma: If you cannot see the kingdom of God, you are not born again. Hence, today we exist in a delusion, a form of cheap salvation void of overcoming, that diverts most saints from the throne room of God, constantly weakening the mission of Christ. Handcuffed with this brainwashed inheritance the church and saints do not understand the need for a rebellion back into the fervor and passion of Christ.  Instead, we sleep; materialistically content. Consequently, the arrival of the Bride has been forfeited in our culture, and our time. God must intervene to save the mission of His Son, placing His church back on the correct course. And this intervention will not be pain free. 

About the Author

Surviving a bungled abortion attempt, Eugene Shults was born in a rural area of Northwest Detroit just after the onset of the Great Depression. Although severely traumatized by his birth experiences, unable to speak to others outside his family for 16 years, he gradually recovered enough to attend Wayne State University, gaining a BA in Government. Entering the Navy he served five years as a tail hook pilot, featuring a Sixth fleet cruise aboard the USS Lake Champaign as a member of VA25. After leaving the service he reentered Wayne State to earn an advanced degree in physics. While still a student he married his wife Carol and had eight children. After graduation, Mr. Shults joined IBM and began a career in computers and data processing, teaching Information Systems at the University of California Santa Barbara extension school. Leaving IBM and moving to Chicago, he became president of a small computer software house, building software systems based on flexible report writers that allowed unconstrained user designed applications. In 1973 he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which dramatically changed his life’s vocation. Starting an 18-year study of church history, theology, European, and American history, he discovered the mistakes of the ancient church, the disappointments of the Fraticelli, the strengths and weakness of the Reformations, the spiritual brilliance of the Pilgrim covenant, and the fact that his own family (the Rockwell family) were participants of the formation of the American Covenant, arriving in America in 1630. Spending two years as a software consultant to CBN accelerated his appreciation of the work of the Holy Spirit in America. Then, under the continuing awe-inspiring guidance of the Holy Spirit, he began to understand the mission of America and how it has been stifled by secularism, even as he understood the resounding importance that that mission be reinvigorated with fervor. In affect, he believes Christianity must be rebuilt back to its origins, eliminating the distractions accumulated over the centuries. To regain our Covenanted Cultural inherence, he wants to rededicate our nation into that Covenant, regaining the mission of Christ for America. To do this he asserts that we need American Christian unity. Also, we need to look hard at the dismemberment of our international denominational allegiances to facilitate our national development as Jesus’ light and hope to the world. United as Christ’s rebellious army, we can lead the way back into Jesus’ mission path to bring paradise to earth as a pragmatic realization, build the Bride of Christ on earth, and fulfill the Great Commission. To achieve here we must listen to the Spirit of God, deliver ourselves from family inherited curses, always striving to keep our minds free from denominational, or secular university brainwashing, thus reaching the ultimate in human accomplishment: existence beyond societal and religious indoctrination, except as allowed or given by God.