True Worship

Pathway To Spiritual Wisdom, Uncovering Ultimate Demographics

by Eugene C. Shults Sr.



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/12/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 232
ISBN : 9781418484781

About the Book

As America approaches world crisis, some call it end-times, we are waffling in our Christian walk, increasingly pounded by the attacks of the enemy of God and those that knowingly or unknowingly working for him. Christians are now in danger of approaching the status of saltiness as defined in Matthew 5:13, which in turn threatens our national obligation to be the light to world for Jesus, the prime (even if forgotten) mission given to America. To rectify this condition, God is planning an intervention in our culture and church to restore our fervor for this national task. Crucial to this vision renewal is the restoration of John 4:24 to the Christian world: the worship of God through the human spirit. That process generates true worship, enabling truth. God’s absolute certainty is adult kingdom knowledge so desperately needed by our people today.  This book outlines the work of a small interstate prayer group in its attempt to reach true worship, describing the adult knowledge that subsequently flowed forth. That information contains:

  • Cultural Transformation guided by the Spirit of God
  • Construction of spiritual validation to resolve our different Biblical interpretations
  • Establishment of an Overchurch, forming the first truly effective non-violent culturally combative army of Christ

Description of a new national economic system, one based on agape love, not greed.

This information, plus much more, constitutes the work of the Holy Spirit and must be absorbed by all interested in avoiding Hosea 4:6: My people perish for lack of knowledge, to assist in God’s intervention.

About the Author

Shults was born in a rural area of Northwest Detroit just after the onset of the Great Depression.  After college he served for five years in the navy as an aviator followed by more than six years as a weekend warrior reservist. In the late 1950s he returned to school to earn an advanced degree in physics. Mr. Shults then joined IBM and began a career in computers and data processing. He taught information technology at the University of California Santa Barbara extension school, and later was president of his own computer company where he created many computer software innovations. In 1973 he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit dramatically changing his life interests. In 1986, under the guidance of the Spirit of God, he gave up his life’s vocation and began an intense study of church history, theology, and US History. This work is one of more than ten manuscripts he has produced with God’s leadership. Father of eight children, Mr. Shults and his wife Carol, now live in Florida with two children still in the home.