From Ireland With Love

Stories of an American Living In Ireland

by Wayne King Livingston



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/10/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 244
ISBN : 9781418486099

About the Book

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150 words

1. A story of Ireland but with American characters inserted into the plot. They play the roles of observers while trying to make a life there as they imagined they might have enjoyed if they were simply one of the natives. However, the Irish cannot forget their Americanism and it imparts a twist to the world the Americans have endeavored to live in. All things considered, it works well enough. After Jim and Pat Larson find a rental home, they have the opportunity after a few years to buy it and their piece of Ireland. The fun is finding an architect who redesigns the old house to some modernity that will suit a more contemporary life while living on the colorful and spectacular coast of Western Ireland. It is a spot known for high winds, rugged weather and exotic beauty due to the hypnotic changes of light from the sun and rain.

100 words

2. Irish-Americans for years have dreamt idly of a desire to return to the land of their roots. Has Ireland changed? Do the Irish there really envy those who came to America during the great famine? Has American defense strategy driven away a once loving country who now wishes for peace at any cost? When 9/11 happened, what happened in Europe that separated America from their once proud heritages? This book explores some of the feelings in Ireland today for their neighbors England, Germany and the other European Countries. Last but not least, what about America?

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3.  An American couple retires to the west coast of Ireland and finds the true meaning of ‘Irishness’. Some of the tales are funny and some are thought-provoking. They go into the detail of renting, buying and renovating an Irish house and dealing with  the legal, financial and personal aspects of each, particularly the attitude of the Irish toward ‘blow-ins’. ‘From Ireland With Love’ is an answer to all who read ‘A Sojourn With Ireland’ and asked, ‘Why did they leave such a beautiful place?’ The stories in ‘From Ireland’ go into some of those problems that were encountered with finances, politics and ethnicity.

70 words

4. Americans dream of ‘going home’, an inherent feeling that many have and have cherished in their efforts to build a life for themselves and their children in a free land. It becomes difficult when they finally return ‘home’ and find resentment to their presumed overbearing attitude toward those who stayed behind. This story explores some of that simmering problem and may or may not have answers - but it does exist!

About the Author

Wayne Livingston’s family came from Bedford County, Pennsylvania where they had lived since the late 1700’s in a rural area called Yellow Creek, Pa. In the early 1900’s, his father moved to the Pittsburgh and McKeesport area where Wayne was educated and learned to fly. Flying for companies and the airlines, he gathered a lifetime of adventures. Now writing, his efforts reflect the storybook of those adventures while touring the globe and studying the fascinating ways of the people who inhabit the wonderful world we live in. Ireland caught his eye early and a plan to settle there grew in his mind. Wayne returned from Ireland after eight years. He and his wife Patricia now reside in his family’s county of origin in the handsome Alleghany Mountain town of Bedford, Pa. It is a lovely place to live, sitting alongside the beautiful Juniata River that eventually spills into the Chesapeake Bay two hundred miles away.