Time, An Acronym for Eternity

by Wayne King Livingston



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/31/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 364
ISBN : 9781403311214

About the Book

A story of contemporary note, this is a tale from man’s evolution over four million years. The question was, how did man sleep for 99% of that period and suddenly wake up? Our story’s slice of time takes us to the 21st Century and Josh Merlin, who has a chance meeting with one of the men who is responsible for changing events around the world. How any person, or persons, could do this is what Josh becomes involved with. As a pilot employed by the Travelers, Josh follows Jim Stevenson and his sophisticated group almost to the ends of the earth to help in a task so vast he is overwhelmed. The task is to establish an equality among the world’s citizens to enjoy all the world’s scientific advancements, so greedily deprived by power brokers the world over. An ardent romantic, Josh meets the woman he has longed for in his dreams that have haunted him since childhood. Together they try to sort out the depth of what they feel is a task for the Creator, but realize finally and fortuitously, that they may be in His hands, leading to a subliminal conclusion.

About the Author

Wayne Livingston is a native Pennsylvanian. He became a professional pilot and went to work for an oil company as a corporate pilot. Boredom took him to New York City and Pan American Airlines where around-the-world travel was the name of the game. He met his sweetheart wife Patty there as a flight member of United Airlines.

Missing the excitement of flying for high-powered executives, Wayne went back to corporate flying and finished a career with a Fortune 100 company in New York. From the companies he spent time at, he learned how a large business could endure in the fast pace of international affairs. A reflection of this is what he loves to write about.

A passion for basic physics, flying, and world travel make up his pastimes, so they consume his books. Having a love affair with Ireland caused him and his wife to take residence there on the sea for eight years, and is the seat of his novel herein.