by Thomas Porky McDonald



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/10/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 336
ISBN : 9781410721020

About the Book

Ostensibly the story of a boy and his father, this look back at the late 1960's, through the decade of the 1970's, recalls a time when a sense of loyalty reigned, certainly in the world of the two main characters. Where the Angels Bow to the Grass, A Boy's Memoir, told through the eyes and the heart of a man who was indeed a boy at the time, gives the reader some genuine insight into what shaped the later writings of Thomas Porky McDonald. The importance of the game of baseball in the lives of McDonald and his father, Bill "The Chief" McDonald, is constantly present, as is the deep and enduring connection that they share to this day.

They called Bill McDonald "The Chief" because he had been most clearly defined as a respected Chief Petty Officer during a thirty year career – twenty active, ten reserves – in the United States Navy. Where the Angels Bow to the Grass tells of the many joys he shared with his youngest child and only son, Thomas Porky McDonald. That boy, who would become a poet and writer, paints a loving portrait of life with his father, from the earliest moments of sharing ballgames together, through "The Chief's" final, unsettling days. Chick full of heartfelt and thought provoking anecdotes, this book more than explains "The Chief" as the main catalyst for McDonald's three volume "Irishman's Tribute" series, as well as most of his baseball related poetry. McDonald also credits his mother, Marie and his older sisters, Patti, Ruthie and Nancy, for allowing him, as a young boy, to have such a special relationship with his father, without ever begrudging him or seeming envious or jealous. But it is fundamentally their story, that of the father and the son, which is told here in a most unique way, with representative poems about their time dressing up the chapters along the way.

Though there have been other stories of fathers and sons, with and without a baseball connection, Where the Angles Bow to the Grass, A Boy's Memoir, is one that tries to honestly tell how a boy's ultimate bond with his father can grow, and become even stronger and more spiritual as the years go by. When all is said and done, it is strikingly apparent that the game of baseball helped both Bill "The Chief" and Thomas Porky clearly define what the game of life is really all about.

About the Author

Thomas Porky McDonald is a poet and writer who often uses baseball and the ballpark venue as a backdrop for his otherwise diverse scrawlings. He has previously published a pair of so-called "Irishman's Tributes" which pay homage to heroes of the past. An Irishman's Tribute to the Negro Leagues and Over the Shoulder and Plant on One: An Irishman's Tribute to Willie Mays each contain short stories and factual material, as well as a small dose of McDonald's trademark baseball poetry. A third volume, Hit Sign, Win Suit: An Irishman's Tribute to Ebbets Field, will soon be released, thus rounding out a unique three book homage to the National Pastime. Born and still living in Astoria, Queens, McDonald has also published a book of short stories, Paradise Oval and the first of four poetry collections, Ground Pork: Poems 1989-1994. He plans on releasing the other three volumes of this set, which span the 1990's and into the 21st Century, in the very near future. Downtown Revival: Poems 1994-1997, Closer to Rona: Poems 1997-1999 and Still Chuckin'' Poems 1999-2002, will take the reader from the poet's Astoria roots of the late 1960's, straight on into the new Millennium.