Prevention from the Inside-Out

by Jack Pransky



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/30/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 388
ISBN : 9781410703750

About the Book

Prevention from the Inside-Out offers a complete paradigm shift for the fields of prevention, human services, community work, social work, human resources, and education. It shows how our traditional outside-in approach has only brought us so far. This book is about what truly creates change. It is about how to unveil people's innate Health and wisdom to preclude problem behaviors such as violence, substance abuse, child abuse, delinquency, school problems, absenteeism, lack of motivation and productivity, and others. It reveals that for people to change such behaviors they must have new insight that changes the very way they see life and creates a shift within their consciousness. It helps people live in well-being and with reduced stress. It draws upon the spiritual. This book presents a solid case for working from the inside-out, the philosophy behind it, the research supporting it, how to apply it, and offers extensive interviews with people whose lives have changed through this approach and with practitioners of it. This is a must book for anyone who works in these fields.

About the Author

Jack Pransky, Ph.D. is founder/director of the Northeast Health Realization Institute. He authored the books, Prevention: The Critical/ Need (2001/1991), Parenting from the Heart (2000/1997), Modello: A Story of Hope for the Inner City and Beyond (1998), and co-authored Healthy Thinking/ Feeling/Doing from the Inside-Out prevention curriculum for middle school students (2000). His latest, Prevention from the Inside-Out, is currently in press. Pransky has worked in the field of prevention since 1968 in a wide variety of capacities and now provides consultation and training throughout the U.S., and internationally. Jack was instrumental in creating the first state law (Vermont) requiring state agencies to plan for and conduct prevention practices, and he worked on developing national prevention policy. He is also cofounder/director of the nonprofit consulting organization, Prevention Unlimited which created the Spirituality of Prevention Conference. He now specializes in Health Realization and prevention from the inside-out. In January, 2001 his book, Modello received the Martin Luther King Storyteller's Award for the book best exemplifying King's vision of "the beloved community".

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