The Checkered Fritillary

by Monk Rose



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/29/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 164
ISBN : 9781587211881

About the Book

Four wronged women unite to plot vengeance on their tormentor.

Boone Hastings, an aging man of scandalous villainy, leaves a trail of ruin behind him. Starting from a life of comfort and privilege, he sees his fortunes decay as he exploits all who cross his path.

The women he chooses are likewise deeply flawed. Fabia Boland is full of envy and pride; Antionette Wise seethes with lust; Lisle Beaufort wallows in gluttony and sloth, and Fox Poley radiates covetousness and anger. Though collectively they flaunt these deadly sins, they are no match as individuals for Hastings' dark imagination.

Not satisfied to compromise the future of these women, he cooks up an extortion squeeze that victimizes all four of them at the same time. Now they unite to devise a chilling counter-strike. As the scheme unwinds, all of the characters face an enveloping peril that leaves no room for mercy.

At once comic and fierce, The Checkered Fritillary is an original tale of moral paradox, temptation and secret anxiety.

About the Author

Monk Rose has been a boxer, shopkeeper, school teacher, freelance writer and professional musician. He has written for journals and magazines, and his fiction and poetry have previously been published. He lives in Florida with his wife where he is presently at work on his eighteenth book.