Kirkus Standard Book Review

Credibility is an essential attribute that only a book review can provide. Reviews are a wonderful way to generate interest in your book because what trendsetters are to consumers, book reviewers are to readers. Book lovers rely on the opinion of experts to determine what new releases to consider reading or purchasing. Getting a favourable evaluation gives your book that sought-after stamp of approval every author wants.

In the publishing industry, one of the most renowned and respected book reviewers that give that stamp of approval is Kirkus Reviews.

Touted as the world's toughest critic, Kirkus Reviews holds an eighty-year-old reputation of drawing the mainstream industry's attention to the best new releases. With the recent upsurge in self-published releases, this publication has expanded its reach with its Kirkus Indie program, which gives self-published authors the same opportunity to acquire unbiased reviews of their work. Kirkus reviews are trusted and authoritative critiques created by experts who are selected for their knowledge base and mastery in certain fields.

With this service, you can receive your book review within 8 to 10 weeks from the time of your book's submission to Kirkus.

* This includes a cover revision option for authors to include a review blurb on their book cover.