Adding Video To Your Book Marketing Campaign

Video. It’s convenient for consumers and multifunctional for marketers. By using both visuals and sound, video can be a creative and unique way to tell your story. But just how do you incorporate one into your book marketing campaign? Here are some strategies you can try out.

  1. Break the Ice

    The Challenge: Screen your book video in literary events.

    Whether it discusses your story or your writing journey, your book video engages people in a multimedia experience. It’s the perfect opening for press conferences, literary festivals, book signings, and other author events.

  2. Connect the Dots

    The Challenge: Pin your book video to the top of your profiles or send it to your followers as well as a list of targeted influencers.

    Your book might be several hundred pages too long for a sales pitch, but a brief video can give viewers the gist of your story and will ultimately help them decide if they want to read it.

  3. Put it Front and Centre

    The Challenge: Embed your book video via YouTube on your website.

    People may skim written content but they latch onto video. Make sure you have one prepared when they land on your website. The more time they spend engaged with your content, the more time they have to familiarise themselves with your author brand.

Want to take it to the next level?

You’ve shared your book video offline and on social media, and you’ve embedded it on your website. But you have to be more proactive about gaining the attention of your potential readers—and a great way of doing that is putting the video right in front of them as a YouTube ad.

Here’s why you should take up this challenge:

    When 74% of all internet traffic is video, you’ll need an advertising campaign that lets you target a market with topics, keywords, and demographics.

    Marketers are only beginning to recognise that video marketing is a growing priority, with 48% considering YouTube as a content distribution channel.

    That’s almost one-third of all people on the Internet, consuming 1 billion hours of content on YouTube each day.

Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll Ads

Be ready to captivate viewers and potential readers with our book video advertising packages.


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