Bologna Children’s Book Fair

The annual Bologna Children’s Book Fair held in Bologna, Italy, is the perfect literary event for those looking to promote their children’s book.

It has succeeded in attracting book professionals and an audience from different corners of the globe, making this event a truly global affair for children’s literature. This is your opportunity to put your work in front of thousands of readers and booklovers in your genre, with your book displayed alongside other AuthorHouse UK titles in a prime position on the exhibit floor.

How It Works

  • At the fair, your book will be assigned a number, either based on its Dewey Decimal subject category at library shows or based on where it lies alphabetically by publisher at international venues.
  • Your book will be displayed along with other AuthorHouse UK titles in a prime position on the exhibit floor. It will be included in the Combined Book Exhibit (CBE) booth.
  • Your book will be displayed face-out on the shelf.
  • Your book will be listed in the CBE exhibit catalog, which includes the title, your name as the author (as well as illustrator and/or editor where applicable), year of publication, price, ISBN, a 25-word description (feel free to write your own or our professional copywriters can do it for you), and citations of awards and/or honors you have received.
  • This information is also available online in a live searchable database and archived for up to one year.
  • AuthorHouse UK’s information is also gathered and included in the catalog as part of the publisher directory, where all pertinent contact and distribution information is included.
  • The official report and the PDF of the exhibit catalog can also be found online for up to one year after the event.

About The Combined Book Exhibit

The Combined Book Exhibit is one of the most widely recognized and highly respected exhibitors in the publishing community. With an excellent 75-year track record of helping authors get exposure for their books, CBE has been showcasing published works at different national and international book shows and expos.

In case you are unable to exhibit your titles on the scheduled date, you will be able to book the show for next year instead.

Published dates are subject to change by the event organizers without prior notice. Please contact AuthorHouse UK to confirm dates for you.