Barnes & Noble “Read Instantly”

The Barnes & Noble “Read Instantly” Feature gives readers a sneak peek of your book. This service offers readers a limited preview of your book, usually the front and back covers, table of contents, and first few pages—about 20% of your book will be randomly selected by Barnes and Noble. Using navigation tools, readers can scan all the preview pages online or search for specific terms located within your text.


Will users be able to download my book for free?
While all of your content is included in each site’s search index, only an excerpt of your content is available for browsing. No one will be able to download your book for free.

How will customers buy my book? customers can click on an Add to Cart link which will automatically add your book to the user’s shopping cart.

Will I sell more books with these programmes?
While sales are never guaranteed, the more visibility your book has on the Internet, the more likely it is you’ll realize sales.