an Ultra-Reflective Memoir

by Milo Weston



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 20/11/2023

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 180
ISBN : 9798823017398

About the Book

The mind can be a dangerous place. Milo Weston often refers to it as “ground zero.” Out of Body into Mind: An Ultra-Reflective Memoir invites readers to delve into harrowing and destructive divorce-oriented scenes the author himself has experienced during his formative years, as well as neurotic and obsessive-compulsive psychological, spiritual, physiological, and sociological-trickling plagues in hopes of achieving cerebral freeness and mind-actualization through intense and cathartic self-reflection. Being a transformative mental case study, not a single chapter of this memoir offers surface-level content. By way of four chronological mental phases and three wisdom-bundled “Mind Relics” series inspired by Proverbs and Meditations, lessons and some of the deepest levels of current youth’s human experience are explored while being provided grounded, relevant perspectives for everyday use and personal growth in a wide spectrum of connectable areas. It’s nearly impossible to reflect alongside these testaments without adding a new perspective to your mind’s collection, or cementing Milo’s think pieces as true mind relics. In this melancholic, yet triumphant memoir, mental health is prioritized and its utmost importance is elaborated upon in this mirrored space for those seeking thoughtful direction, transformation, clarity, and peace amid life’s burdensome positions.

About the Author

For what it’s worth, Milo Weston is not quite a typical twenty-year-old college student. It seems as though he’s an old soul with an all-new outlook on life and that’s shockingly clear in his first manuscript. Milo’s disposition is similar to that of a stoic. Evidently, his visions are profound enough to be ushered into reality as readers experience the mind realms he presents. All signs point toward Milo having entered an era of thought-provoking written contribution and inspiration to conceptualize and convey the depth of life’s extremes for the future and what it holds for us. The aspiring American fully believes those who feel they possess an empowering story should strive to put forth their truthful concepts into the world and let them fend for themselves like the lions they are.