400 Year Old Room

The politics of race and the tug-o-war over the American story

by Meredith



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 20/02/2023

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 382
ISBN : 9798823001373

About the Book

In the lives of every creature on earth are echoes of events that occurred a long long time ago. Events of unimaginable scale and violent beauty that connect all living things, their every action and decision, their every heartbeat, to the greatest story ever told. This is a tale 13.8 billion years in the making that has seen billions of stars and billions of worlds live and die to create the only planet we know that is home to life. From the stardust that built us to the cosmic ingredients that sustain us and the starlight that powers it all, this is the story of a universe that birthed the Black child. Every cell in the Black child’s body is linked to an ancient stream of energy connecting their life to the heart of a star and the imagination of God. This unbroken stream of Black history span vast reaches of time and space and stretches back to the very first notion of humanity. The Black man’s sole focus, the thing driving his very existence, is hunger. We hunt no man. We hunt for energy. But not for ourselves. We are desperate to feed the hungry minds of the Black child. We want to feed them truth in the knowledge of themselves and where they fit in the history of time’s holy universe. This primal impulse stems from a deep connection we have to our purpose that extends beyond the ghettoes, beyond this country, to Africa. This is Black history. This is Black power. Black power is more abundant than ever. It’s just hiding in plain sight of a universal consciousness of the might and power of God. This book is mere meditation offering intellectual vitamins on critical race theory, the politics of racism and the hidden history behind the tug-o-war over the American story.

About the Author

Meredith is the author of many other novels: Concrete Jungle Iscariot’s Kiss Strange Fruit Negro Spiritual Cinderfella No Ways Home Burning Daylight Acoustic Soul Detroit native, Meredith is creating and defining his own path in the Hip Hop urban fiction publishing world.