by Joe Ziemer



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Language : English
Publication Date : 19/12/2022

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 134
ISBN : 9781665578554

About the Book

According to a 2018 study by UCLA and Dartsmouth researchers, friends are "cognitively homophilous," meaning they share similar neural brain patterns. In layman's terms, the brains of friends respond in remarkably parallel ways, literally meaning friends are on the same wavelength.

Aristotle advanced this basic notion over 2,300 years ago, writing, "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." Aristotle was most likely philosophizing about the relationship referred to today as "soulmate." On the amity scale, soulmates are at the pinnacle. Because they can sometimes read each other's mind and think the same thought at the same time, this may be a spiritual bond.

Whatever wavelength we have is a gift from God, as He has all the bandwidth. His love for all of mankind, or agape (selfless) love, is a supreme passion that we can, at best, only try to imagine. This is a book about the best kind of human love... be it eros (romantic)... storge (familial)... or philia (brotherly)... the kind of love that comes from being on the same wavelength as another soul.

Wavelengths is divided into three sections. The first part, Exploration, consists of four essays, all dealing with love: love for the Venezuela that was, for a high-school military academy, for God and for a very special shady lady. The subsequent section, Excursion, is made up of bursts of love for trains, friends, a child, a woman and above all, God. Excursion also features vignettes on Las Vegas, boating, briefcases, Butler, Beatles and Joan Baez. The final section, Immersion, is comprised of five articles about a brilliant singer-songwriter, a unique human being and the author's friend, Mickey Newbury.

Join the author on this journey through his unique experiences, and you just might tune in to a few new wavelengths.

About the Author

Following the Second World War, Joe Ziemer's parents left Oklahoma for the sandy pastures of southern California. Born in 1948, Joe spent his early years in Bakersfield, a tough oil town. When he turned 12, the family moved south to an even tougher oil town... to Maracaibo, Venezuela... where Joe and his sister Paulette felt like they were the only blondes in the country.

Five years later, Joe graduated from Riverside Military Academy in Georgia as Superior Cadet. He then joined Los Hippies, a rock band in Maracaibo. The group performed early Stones and Beatles music, so much fun to play, plus it was an ideal way to meet girls. The U.S. Army lassoed Joe in 1968, assigning him to the top-secret Courier Service in Washington D.C.

After completing his military obligation during the turbulent Vietnam war era, Joe enrolled in College of the Redwoods, where he was honored to serve as Student Body President. Additional studies at the University of California at Davis brought a B.A. in Social Psychology and appointment as a Regents Scholar.

Joe has assisted worldwide broadcasters for 40 years, supplying transmission systems to radio and TV stations. In 1996, his Indiana firm won a prestigious Exporter of the Year award. The job has taken him to over 100 countries, and from his travels, Joe says he sees no difference between extreme left and extreme right governments. In both cases, the people suffer terribly.

Actively passionate about free speech, Joe served as Editor of Radio World International newspaper for five years. Joe has written several journal articles, and after years of study... he authored the acclaimed biography on his friend, Mickey Newbury - Crystal & Stone, first and second editions.

Joe is happily married to Roxanne and proud to be the father of five children.