A Commonsense Book with a Trillion Dollar Project

by You and Me



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/4/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781665567190

About the Book

This book talks about a commonsense approach to addressing ongoing societal issues contributing to the divide in our nation. Instead of stabilizing other nations and highlighting crime, violence, and danger in foreign countries, we should focus on fixing our crime rate and violence and building our infrastructure first. With the American spirit second to none, as the world leader and blessed land with abundance, the hope for the world, and the most powerful nation with the best constitution, human rights champions, known for standing up to the tyrants, the hub of innovation with the freedom of speech, press, and religion, land of the law, and opportunities; why is our society becoming polarized with increasing insecurities and fears of the unknown? With increased security by the day, why are we more vulnerable than before? By helping the world more than any other nation, why are we hated more and have more enemies than before? So many of us are not happy with the things going around us. Are we complicating stuff by following marketing gimmicks of the mainstream media, politicians, policymakers, lobbyists, and corporations? As peacemakers and nation builders, did we make more chaos? Why are we eager to fix other nations instead of improving our nation first? Why are we trying to liberate nations that end up making more terrorists and chaos? Is this not the time to start evaluating things beyond the glitter, biases, and greed; and ask commonsense questions by making things simple as an American-American, not as a corporate hawk or a biased lobbyist, not as a Democrat-American or a Republican-American? Ultimately, a Trillion Dollar Space Economics Project concept supports and discusses the commonsense mind frame with a vision of peace, collaboration, generating tremendous employment, diffusing polarization, and reviving the post-COVID economy.

About the Author

The author is a proud American with a Ph.D. in Computing and Information Systems with extensive corporate and government experience, including awards and medals for his exceptional service. His 20+ years of diverse experience in Research, Academia, Operations, Project Management, Machine Learning, and Data Analysis ranges from Management Consultant for Industrial Partners, Finance Manager of a Technology Incubation Center, Director of Operations for a Start-Up, Lead Project Manager for a Consulting Firm, and a Business Analyst for a Tech Company. His working titles also varied from Deputy Director, Academic Specialist, Assistant Professor, Economic Specialist, and Professional Associate. Furthermore, his MBA, and bachelor's degrees in Business, Economics, Statistics, and Mathematics, with some regional expertise, provided him additional credibility, insight, and firepower for a blunt and unique perspective for the compatriots and patriots.