Common Sense

The Key to Saving Our Republic

by David P. McMullan



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 06/07/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 218
ISBN : 9781665564106

About the Book

Common Sense: The Key to Saving Our Republic The rise of the Progressive Movement, which has taken hold under the Democratic banner, is one that not only finds both our country and its system of government lacking but is attempting to transform America from a Capitalistic nation, that has prospered for centuries, into a nation that is more dependent on government and less freedom oriented. In order to prevent the reimagining of America, we first must bring the Progressive Movement into the light and expose their beliefs for all to see. This is not the Democratic Party of John F. Kennedy or even Bill Clinton, for that matter. We can no longer remain the silent majority. We need to raise our voices for all to hear and stop the changing of America, once and for all, before this movement succeeds in altering our DNA from a nation founded on individual rights and freedoms into a nation of handouts and entitlements, depending on others to get by. When you remove our desire to succeed, you end up with a nation that no longer has the will to excel.

About the Author

David P. McMullan is the author of the successful non fiction book Common Sense: Does it Still Exists in America? When first released 2012, the book received nationwide attention for its unique approach to the role Common Sense plays in our daily lives and how little it was being used by government leaders and political operatives. He has also written critically acclaimed adventure novels that follow his lead character, Jake Patrick, on numerous challenges facing his anti-terror team. David lives in Florida with his wife Patricia and he enjoys both the weather and the fabulous golf courses that keeps him busy when he’s not working on his latest book.