From Ashes to Wisdom

Healing, Recovery and Restoration to Destiny

by Dr. Maxcelle Yvonne Forrester



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 26/06/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 288
ISBN : 9781665559560

About the Book

This book, “From Ashes to Wisdom,” brings healing, recovery, and restoration to our souls, fulfilling our destiny in this life. It is a cry to preserve and promote the integrity of the whole person to function within the will, teaching, and instructions of the Creator. In conjunction with the workbook “Entanglement and Detanglement,” the Rise Program™ and coaching strategies, the book “Ashes to Wisdom” is designed to help us understand the root causes of the many issues we are currently facing. It is a problem-solving, solution-oriented, and decision-making coaching tool to restore the injured soul to life and health. It also promotes personal and spiritual growth and development. It is a way to build good habits, develop excellent character, and provide the skill-sets needed to achieve order and balance. The book, “Ashes to Wisdom,” and the workbook Entanglement and Detanglement is for those facing chronic overwhelming problems resulting from an injured soul, spirit, or body. Dr. Maxcelle has experienced tremendous suffering from simultaneous catastrophic, life-altering, and death-defying conditions and situations. Her life was filled with disappointments, excessive stress, dissatisfaction, medical issues, and repeated failures despite giving and doing her best. From these experiences, I share the mindset and strategies effectively utilized to overcome the many obstacles and challenges faced. I believe this book and the coaching program will help others achieve increased healing, health, and emotional rest. From its teaching, I hope the readers will find a place of inner peace and satisfaction despite life’s imperfections and limitations.

About the Author

Dr. Maxcelle Yvonne Forrester was born in the district of Water Cress, in the parish of Westmoreland, where she attended Manning’s High School in Jamaica, West Indies. She later migrated to the United States to join her parents as a teenager. Dr. Maxcelle holds a doctorate from Brewer Christian College and Graduate School and a Master of Science Degree in Nursing from Rush University. She is a Certified Professional Coach from the International Coach Certification Alliance, helping others solve problems and cope with life’s issues. She has worked as an educator and clinical practitioner and held management and leadership positions in hospitals and long-term care facilities for over thirty years. As an ordained Pastor, Dr. Maxcelle’s experiences include faculty membership, coaching, preaching, and participation in an intercessory prayer team for the past seventeen years. She is a mother of two and is a grandmother of three. Dr. Maxcelle is a “walking miracle,” overcoming many concurrent and catastrophic medical issues. She survived the fire and the burning, emerging from the ashes with wisdom to share with you and the world.