Elimination & Endplays

by James Marsh Sternberg MD & Danny Kleinman



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/17/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 178
ISBN : 9781665552271

About the Book

Card play at bridge embraces both declarer play and defense. Hundreds of books have been written about it. Our approach here, as in our previous books, is to focus on a particular deal type. Repeated experience with a theme makes it easier to recognize deal types and employ the appropriate techniques for each. A common and important line of play is elimination play, eliminating the side suits to removes an opponent’s safe exit cards before throwing him in to make a fatal lead. More than most other deal types, endplays require planning and preparation. In this as in our previous books, we show deals as they were misplayed at rubber bridge or its sister form of contest, team play at IMPs. Usually you will see a deal in which declarer falls short of his contract by one trick. Do not concern yourself with overtricks. In the forms of contest assumed here, making and breaking contracts is the objective. Take each misplayed deal as a challenge to find a better line---usually one that works, but no guarantees. An 80% play fails 20% of the time, but is significantly better than a 60% play and much better than a 40% play.

About the Author

Dr James Marsh Sternberg is a radiologist in Palm Beach Gardens Florida & Professor of Radiology at two northern universities. He currently teaches bridge in Florida. He has won several North American National Championships and has written extensively for many bridge publications. He is the author of many books on bridge instruction and has been a monthly columnist in the ACBL Bulletin for the past few years. “Dr J” lives in Palm Beach Gardens with Vickie Bader. He can be reached at mmay001@aol.com. Danny Kleinman is a world class bridge player, backgammon expert, author, and teacher. He has improved the game for an innumerable number of students and written more bridge, backgammon and other books than could be listed here. He has written countless articles for The Bridge World over more than 30 years and directed its Master Solvers' Club twice annually for more than 17 years. However, he prides himself mainly on the many songs he has written and on his innovative work on democratic voting systems. Danny lives in Los Angeles. He can be reached at dannyk13@ca.rr.com.