My Big Blended Family

by April Mata Lovato



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 26/05/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 26
ISBN : 9781665559911

About the Book

Through my own co-parenting experiences I began to advocate for children and became involved with United Parents for Children™ 3 years ago. We are a collective group of parents from all over the world who have stood up as parents not only to advocate for children but also to advocate for healthy co parenting relationships. It then became apparent to me that family dynamics have changed a lot in recent years. Not every situation is the same. Its not uncommon see children being raised by grandparents, aunts uncles, same sex couples or other family members . I thought it was important to create books that children could relate to. I know many of children might feel embarrassed or ashamed because of their living situations at home but I just wanted to point out the importance of healthy love and support. As a parent I would never deny my child of love from a stepparent or anyone who cares for and encourages my children in a positive way. I think it’s important for children to see parents and guardians getting along getting along. To be supported in all that they do. Kids need to know that it’s OK to love their step parent and their family as well and should never be looked down upon down upon for it. It’s OK if they are being raised by someone other than their parents. With the ever changing world I just really wanted to emphasize the positive impact being supported and loved has on our children. I hope you enjoyed this book and were able to take something positive away from it. Thank you.

About the Author

April Rose Mata, 37 year old single parent. April has a lot of experience with family courts and parenting. She represented herself (pro se) in most of her child custody cases with much success! She is also certified in love and logic parenting styles with numerous hours of parenting education and hands on experience as well! April also volunteers her time for United Parents for Children helping parents understand family courts better and provide emotional support to other parents who have custody cases, the main goal is to be able to work with the other parent with our children's best interest in mind! April also designs shoes, her brand name is Adonna Vi. Her shoes are made in Italy with designs for every shoe lover in mind! Along with that April is also a contractor for special events and medical supplys! April doesnt like to define herself by just one thing, we all have many talents, so its important to always believe in yourself! Of everything April attributes her biggest success is her children! Spending time with her kids is by far her most favorite thing to do in the world! No matter what family situation we are in, what matters most is love, showing love, giving love, and recieving love is the number one ingredient in family! Never give up on your dreams or yourself! Life isn't always going to be easy, we all go through things in life that are meant to teach us new things and make us better people! Always remember to focus on the good things in your life! Bad things happen to everyone and overcoming the bad is the best thing we can all do for ourselves! Believe in yourself, trust yourself and love yourself and you will always win! LOVE LIGHT POSITIVITY!