Patchwork Philosophy

by Sylvia Charles



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 05/08/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 168
ISBN : 9781665592222

About the Book

I have had the idea of this book for many years and have, at last, made a start on putting my thoughts down on paper. I did initially think I would give the book the title of “The Earth Mother’s Diary” but on reflection thought that sounded rather “twee”. My next visualised title was “Whoever said progress was a One-way Street?” but, once again, I wasn’t convinced by the impact this would create even though it represented a lot of my opinions. Eventually due to the nature and content of my book I hit upon the notion of Patchwork Philosophy which seemed to fit the bill perfectly, so here it is. I would stress that if some of my ideas seem offensive to anyone, please don’t take offence, they are purely my own thoughts, ideas and principles upon which I try and live by.

About the Author

This is the first book I have ever written (although I hope it won’t be the last) Apart from my children and grandchildren my passions/hobbies in life are gardening; making all sorts of crafts; baking and home making/cooking. One of my strongly held beliefs is that an awful lot of babies have been thrown out with an awful lot of bathwater in the name of progress, and that a return to some practices and ideologies of yesterday would greatly enhance or improve our lot today. I am also a Christian and hope this is reflected throughout this book. When small my son had a favourite book called “What Do People Do All Day” I wonder this myself sometimes, given all the labour saving devices and technologies at our disposal, yet many people are still so stressed and busy they have hardly any spare time at all? My question is – what do people do all day - ........................... (please enjoy browsing my book) Email Address: