A Grind is a Terrible Thing To Waste

by N.S. Hood



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Language : English
Publication Date : 04/08/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 278
ISBN : 9781665565653

About the Book

There are two roads to take on this journey called Life. The right way, which is summed up at times as “The Good Life.” On the other hand, some people take a left which is “The Street Life.” A lot of young niggas take this route not always because they want to, but because that’s the only road in the middle of nowhere. America was built on the same. Come ups that are considered crimes today. Fraud, Robbery, Murder and Grand larceny. The problem is the youth is more up front with the truth, too much exposure can effect an entire generation. That can make life crazy. The unbelievable is always reality. The unpredictable is always anticipated. Funny thing is only a selected few realize what they see is only an illusion, what they need is always confused with what they want. Priority is always confused with “I’ll do it eventually.” If only we could see are mistakes for what they are. No one is perfect, Do to our creator, but if there was a such thing as an equal perfect would the world still be kaotic with envy and hatred? Of course, nothing has changed. It’s still a war being waged amongst one another everyday. Individuals don’t think individually they let others control their mind because they are weak minded. They are controlled, by people around them, almost like a child that depends on you to feed them whatever you give them, they are trusting you to give them something to fulfill their hunger. They eat it without question or suspicion just like the people that you surround yourself with. They feed you whatever they think you mind will eat. If you let them, they will feed you whatever they went. Whether its lies, the truth, or entertainment; whatever to fulfill the satisfaction of acceptance.

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