The SuperNatural: The Place I meet God

by Rena Wilburn



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/30/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 172
ISBN : 9781665521857

About the Book

The traditions of men make the word of God of non-effect. However, when God and man are one, we can embrace endless possibilities of his grace. When the cloud of glory is moving, move with it. From glory to glory – faith to faith – victory to victory. The hidden mysteries in God are revealed to those who have a heart for him. As God reveals His secrets, we are transformed by the renewing of our mind to the word and ways of The Father. Reformation is needed as we continue to receive deeper and greater revelations from the Holy Spirit. Change is inevitable, not always welcomed, but necessary. As we change (metanoia) our thinking, our theology will shift, and it is then we discover the nuances of His grace (hesed) and love. Adventures with God into the SuperNatural realm will yield tremendous and awesome benefits. “The problem isn’t that I (God) haven’t given; it’s that you haven’t received (ask God to help you receive),” We receive most of these benefits as gifts of His grace by our spoken words. When what we see is not what we want, it’s not over for the Believer. Creative miracles, Recovery, and Restorations of things lost will become the Natural way of life in this SuperNatural move of God. Miracles will occur at an accelerated pace. It starts as we surrender to the will of the Father, change our thinking and begin to declare: “Restore, Restore.” The SuperNatural is the place we meet God. It is here that we are changed in the presence of his glory. It is the place where we embrace endless possibilities and where nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible. It is here that God and man become one, and endless possibilities become our reality.

About the Author

Prophetess Rena Wilburn Daughters of Zion Ministries “Blessings” A chosen vessel, gifted, and a giver of “self” are genuine words describing Prophetess Rena Wilburn. Expounding the word of God powerfully shows her dedication, discipline, and diligence. “Unifying the Body of Christ” a higher calling, influences, motivates, and challenges her to reach for excellence. Leaving her Computer Consulting position, travel now allows Prophetess Wilburn opportunities to minister a prophetic, preaching, teaching, and healing ministry to an audience of excited believers, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ on radio, television, and prayer lines, thus fulfills the Great Commission and the personal mandate: “We Speak To Nations - With One Voice.” She awaits publishing her new book: ”The SuperNatural: The Place I Meet God.” Prophetess Wilburn is the mother of a dynamic and recent college graduate (Kristin Wilburn) who shares the same prophetic anointing with a desire to open her own Youth Center. One of Prophetess Wilburn’s greatest passions is to see the Body of Christ walking in the gifting for which God has called by the aid of the Holy Spirit. Daughters of Zion host Women Seminars design to unite, educate and minister to the needs of women. Training, Accountability, and the necessity of covering are crucial in the Body of Christ; therefore, she has several ministry overseers and affiliations. Prophetess Wilburn believes that “One word from God can change anything.” Having studied with some of the great teachers of this age and the constant study of the Bible has given her the knowledge base to minister to God’s people effectively. Her hardest but the most rewarding class was “The Art of Hearing God” by John Paul Jackson. Prophetess stated, “It will test all that is both theoretical and practical in the gifting of prophetic anointing. Prepare for Change!