Three Cs in a Row

by Rejwan Ali



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 20/10/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 58
ISBN : 9781665503723

About the Book

No one likes C in one’s academic transcripts even for a single instance. So consecutive Cs can really be stumbling
and shattering for one’s academic trajectory. However, contrast to campus test performances, in practical
world settings and in fact in most cases persons with Cs excel over than persons with As in terms of real tasks
and deliverances. So people with wisdom often raise caution against such segregation of letter grade to project future
of immensely hidden potentials or overhyped expectations. Themed in that this thin book is intended to revive
English readership in Bangladesh through some personal memoirs/satire. Bangladesh, a poor country plagued with
natural disaster and a big population without much historical perception for British colonial heritages. Inefficient
national politics and policies, over usage of local languages/dialects in cultural growth have resulted in blind alleys
for degenerated academia, art, culture, and literature. Based on thirteen FaceBook postings during the Corona
world pandemic, the memoirs/satire can serve as a person’s flashback of that society after living in a cosmopolitan
cultural melting point and multi-cultural environment of New York City. It is expected that the book will appeal
to local readers in subcontinents and also to second-generation English-speaking population of Bangladesh origins,
in places like New York, London, Sydney, Toronto, Boston, Los Angels, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and
other places aside from interested mainstream readers.

About the Author

Rejwan Ali lives in New York City with his wife Sayma and daughter Rinik in Oakland Gardens at the border of
Queens borough and Nassau county of Long Island. Born in Rajshahi, a city in the northwestern part of Bangladesh
where Padma (Ganges) flows, Rejwan grew up in a highly politically polarized society in post-liberation Bangladesh.
Witnessing periods of military rules with intermittent chaotic democracy and autocracy, Rejwan spent all his years
in Rajshahi before moving to the USA in the spring of 2001.
After living in Kansas, Texas, and North Carolina, Rejwan moved to New York City in the fall of 2008. An educator
and scientist by profession, Rejwan takes creative writing as a hobby. Although previously he contributed to Op-
Ed column of campus newspaper or in blogs of scientific organization, Corona Crisis Chronicles—Three Cs in a
Row is his first book that he would like to dedicate to current and future young generations of Bangladeshis living
across the globe and developing literature, arts and also to those in culturally diversified groups who have taken
English as their medium of communication to reach common people. Rejwan feels that promotion of the English
language readership in Southeast Asia can promote better understanding among countries and nations and will
open up more opportunities for common people. In the future, Rejwan hopes to continue devoting his time to
write for people besides writing scientific articles for his profession in research and teaching based career.