Getting Older

A Novel about One Senior’s Fear of Aging and Joy at Growing Old

by Robert Bailor



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 14/09/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 180
ISBN : 9781728372426

About the Book

Is getting older to be feared or embraced? Is it merely a matter of deterioration and death or is it a platform for a new lifestyle with new opportunities and new joys? This is a story about getting older. The main character, Don, a 73-year-old retired widower is initially confused and depressed about getting older. The book takes him through the fears, the challenges and the merits of being a senior citizen. It does so on three levels of narrative. First, there is the primary story of Don’s sharing in one-on-one counseling to help him resolve his issues with aging. The Epilogue is a surprise conclusion to this counseling journey. Second, there is the presentation of Don’s own internal dialogue regarding getting older with his inner reflections combined with his counseling journal entries. Third, there are five short stories spread out over the journal entries which emphasize the truths that Don is trying to get at with his journal entries. There have been several notable books written about aging, its causes and its challenges. Yet, there has never been a book like this one. Through the art of fiction it gets to the core of the questions haunting the prospects of getting older in a way that readers can personally identify with and use to resolve their own issues with aging. If readers follow the intertwining stories, perhaps they will discover answers for themselves, at least that is the intention of this book.

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