by Pauline Gibson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 13/10/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 64
ISBN : 9781728355481

About the Book

The book follows the main protagonist search for his true identity in post-war Britain. The audience is introduced to 26 year old Terry who is trying to fit into a world which is not totally ready for the life he is striving for. We are introduced to his Julia (his girlfriend) who lets him down gently because her parents would never accept them as a married couple. The let-down exposes Terry to the first introduction to the black community when he meets young Bob Pinto, who is new to Britain, introducing him to the world outside of his own. Forced by circumstances, he is forced to give up this world because he accidentally got someone else pregnant and is faced with some difficult choices; return to his love in London or give up his child.

About the Author

Pauline Gibson is a London author who has a keen interest in history. She developed a curiosity about the pre-Windush, generation after meeting people who lived through those years. She started studying Social Work, before discovering her passion for historical fiction. She has been credited for articles written to the Weekly Post and also book called Legacy, which captured the experiences of the Wind Rush Generation. Her love of all those historical led her to a Creative Writing Course, which earned her a Creative Writing Degree (BA. .Hon). Today, she lives in London and is currently working in education. Outside of this, she is constantly investing in genealogy.