Volume 2

by Dustin K. Jessip & Editor Cheyenne Elizabeth



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 21/06/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 100
ISBN : 9781728362571

About the Book

Volume 2 is a continuation from Hindsight Volume 1. This volume will build off the foundation set in volume 1, thus furthering the challenge and perspective already set forth. This is a journey that will dive deeper into core values and enhanced perception. Your experiences matter and so does how you interact with people in life. In a time where life is changing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all forced to adjust whether we like it or not. Social distancing has challenged us. Economic instability threatens peace of mind. Face masks, plexiglass and people counting how many shoppers enter a building makes us feel like aliens in our own communities. This book is a great tool to help you remember to be human. Social interaction may have been taken for granted for several generations. While we have technology to aid us during these trying times, it is still no substitute for those that are considered “essential personnel”. In the chapter about Duty, know that my words apply to you as well. Any and all medical personnel, any and all first responders, food and agriculture workers, energy personnel (electric, petroleum, and gas), water staff (clean and waste), logistic personnel (including all transportation), all public works, anyone affiliated with communications, members of government (on all applicable levels), critical manufacturing, hazardous material workers, chemical personnel, financial services, defense personnel, commercial and professional services and anyone who brings our mail to us, thank you. If you are contributing to someone’s sanity or even maintaining your own by staying productive, I thank you as well. It’s not really a description about the book, but it is certainly a piece of what you can extract from it by honoring those that fulfill their duty in society. Read more to find out.

About the Author

Born in Southern Iowa, I was raised between the country and the city. I spent time with pigs, cows and horses. I began working in the Food Industry when I was 16 and moved onto the Food and Beverage department of a casino in Iowa just after my 19th birthday (July 2007) where I learned every job within the department from then to present (November 2019) Chores, schoolwork and playing hard were part of everyday life. I always wanted to join the military and finally did 2 weeks after my 23rd birthday. I joined the Iowa Army National Guard as an Intelligence Analyst, obtaining a top-secret security clearance and a skill set where we were taught about critical thinking skills and how to apply them as analysts. Afterall, our decisions could someday be the difference between life and death. In the Guard, I learned and applied much about leadership, selfless service and responsibility. I attended the Warrior Leadership Course (WLC) as an E-4 and became a Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) not long after. Instead of picking up a promotion to E-6, it was time to find a new home. I switched to the RSP (Recruit Sustainment Program) where I served as cadre to the Drill Sergeant and Warrant Officer in charge. There we spent time training new recruits the basics of becoming a soldier in the United States Army. As part of our training requirements, cadre members were sent to a ten-day course called the Foundation Instructor/Facilitator Course (FIFC) where we learned how to become effective Instructors and Facilitators. In addition to FIFC, we were also privileged to attend the two-day ASIST (Assisted Suicide Intervention Skills Training) class. Each experience ultimately added depth to my own outlook on life and how I choose to interact with people.