Why are prayers not answered? How Does God Guide today? Can a Christian be Gay?

by Geoffrey E L Bennett



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 25/02/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 122
ISBN : 9781728398860

About the Book

THREE VITAL QUESTIONS FOR TODAY is a reprint of three books previously written by Geoffrey E L Bennett. WHY DOES GOD NOT ANSWER PRAYER? The author does not shy away from questions raised about unanswered prayer. Explaining what prayer is not, he shows why God does not answer most prayers. Then he explains exactly how to pray if you want God to answer HOW DOES GOD GUIDE? God’s guidance takes many forms. The author shows what constitutes God’s will, and how to find your marriage partner, life’s work, career or vocation, CAN A CHRISTIAN BE GAY? This challenging book examines all the Biblical material pertinent to gay and lesbian relationships. The Old Testament is closely analysed, then the teaching of Jesus and the teaching of Paul. Current thinking about gay marriage, what is a Christian? and are gay people born such or made that way? These are some of the vital questions answered.

About the Author

Geoffrey E L Bennett obtained the Teacher’s certificate in History and Divinity (with merit) at London University, He was a County youth club leader, where he ran a football team and taught first aid for the Red Cross Certificate. Later he became the University of Regina’ top honour student in Education where he studied English. He also studied Anthropology, Geography and Philosophy, and became a member of Christians in Science, U.K. He also studied geology, so he became a member of his local Geological Society. After early retirement, he was accepted into the Baptist ministry. Having served over six years as a hospital chaplain’s assistant, he had to care for his wife, Christine, following her operation for Brain which she later developed paralysis and dementia and later died. He has two sons and has recently remarried. Geoffrey is an established author who ran a writing course to teach different ways for Christian writers to be up to date and relevant in today’s world.