Song of Sarahrose

by Sarahrose



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 15/11/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 158
ISBN : 9781728334554

About the Book

Song of Sarahrose, a faith breathed spiritual experience! Poetry that embodies the thirst within us all, the courage to change, and the strength through God to never again fall. Her poetry takes us on a journey through the mind and heart of a broken woman. Calls she cried and clarity she found. A child raised by a twisted world, who found her life in Christ. This book is a song of change and transformation, a song of healing and spiritual growth, Proof of answered prayers and the power of living through the living word. Heartfelt words in testimony are a powerful force! Especially when infused with the spirit of God’s truth. Let her song grab ahold of your soul, to help your own personal faith grow!

About the Author

Sarah Skandera is an everyday dreamer from south Chicago suburbs. She learned young that life is not easy or pleasant. Much of her life was a dark endless cycle of hardships, misfortune, abuse, lack of confidence, lack of love. After numerous bad paths in life, she turned to faith and overcame enormous circumstances! After years of drug addiction and playing the victim, Sarah now sings a song of redemption and hope. Sarah is an emotional heart like everyone else. She started writing for clarity and as a release. Soon her message turned from confusion to a song of gratitude. Her writings are a step by step progression of change in her mind, heart, and soul as she stood firm in her faith. Her words are relatable and have power to inspire! Sarah’s heartfelt poetry is meant to uplift the spirit, to help our roots grow deep within our faith. A living testimony that prayers are heard and our calls are answered! She hopes her testimony will inspire, give others truthful hope, and a deeper understanding of this spiritual journey we call life. She is a light in the dark, and her song is worth singing! As a studier of all areas of spirituality and science, she sees the bigger picture. All forms of beliefs fuse together and complement each other. She puts no boundaries between people as we are all one. No matter what your personal belief is, this song is for you!