A Time to Remember or Forget

by Judi Fleischman



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Language : English
Publication Date : 18/09/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 52
ISBN : 9781728325934

About the Book

When I think of the past, I cannot help remembering how funny some of events were, although they did not seem so at the time. In my search for a better job, I encountered people that enriched my life no matter how odd they seemed and believe me some were more than odd. My best memory was that of sharing an apartment with Bambi for a year and when the lease ended, we were asked to leave. There was my encounter with my neighbor Henri, an older refined gentleman I met when I purchased a townhome two doors down from Henri. He was a terrible driver and got into troubled whenever he got behind the wheel of a car. The police knew about Henri’s driving, but he was so charming the police would always let him go. A decision they would soon regret. Another special memory was working at “a hospital called horse”. It occurred to me while working there, that medical people have a different sense of humor than non-medical people. “Meet the Harrisons” tells of how a family functioned with a loving mother who was a chronic sleepwalker and who did amazing things while sleepwalking. A kind and intelligent father, who kept a bottle of booze in the garage and on Saturdays would go to the garage to work on whatever and sip a bit of bourbon. “Millie flew over the cuckoo’s nest.” When I first met mille, I could tell immediately that something was wrong with the women”, therefore, I stayed clear of her as much as possible. The last I heard of Millie was her showing up to church dressed in clothing that did not meet the norm for church wear. “Lulu arrives”, is a story of success. When everyone considers you dumb and you succeed beyond expectations, it is a wonderful feeling. “Mona an unpredictable women” was the third grade student who was accused of goring her teacher with a compass protractor. “Cary and Judy Judy Judy” were the fun couple who I considered a lot over the top.

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