A Hollow Green

The Shadows Among the Starres

by T.A. Duffy



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 07/10/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 330
ISBN : 9781728323169

About the Book

When Daemon Starre awakens in a foreign hospital room with no remembrance of how he got there or where ‘there’ is, fear threatens to overtake him. However, what strikes him as even stranger than that reality is when he realizes he is in the human dimension. Daemon’s home is known as The Daemonium, a dimension built into The Northern Lights almost a thousand years ago, and he is what is known as a supressere, a supernatural being with extrordinary abilities. He, along with his best friend Niles Pemnora, are thrown into a deadly man hunt, with Daemon being the prey. Who is he running from? A nightmarish High Angel named Pierce Shadow. Jocylin Zirander has been living in the human dimension for eleven years since she ran away from home at age 9. Her life would seem perfectly normal to any outsider, but she is a supressere with secrets. She has successfully hid from her past, but when she runs into Daemon and Niles during her night shift at Walmart, she knows her past is threatening to envelope her once again. Who is she running from? One name: Pierce Shadow. And who is Pierce Shadow besides the most powerful supernatural being within The Daemonium? Three words: broken, unpredictable, and full of vengeance. A man fights his demons. A woman whose family is torn. A child born to bring the end. A dimension where the past and the present are at war. This is “The Shadows Among the Starres”.

About the Author

Tara Duffy is an American author of fantasy. She has been creating the fictional universe for “The Shadows Among the Starres” series since fifth grade and is proud to finally share her characters and their stories with the real world. She is currently enrolled in college to attain her bachelors degree. Though undecided concering her future, she has no doubt writing this book series will always be her passion.