Less We Forget-High School Coaching

Legends from the Texas Panhandle/Plains Region

by Ron Mayberry



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 23/09/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781728321417

About the Book

“What difference does it make?”, the corner-stone quote of Hillary Clinton preparing for an election. That same statement can be applied today when coaches want instant gratification bypassing basic fundamentals of the sport they are coaching. Learning the fundamentals of any sport is a long process and doesn’t happen over-night. High school coaches that stay in high school, teach basic fundamentals helping everyone understand that there is no shortcut to success is what this book is about. Is there any sports fan who didn’t have a high school coach that make a difference in their life? This book covers all sports in the Texas Panhandle/Plains region governed by the UIL. There is a section for each sport showing the history of high school state championships between this area and other regions. What makes this book different is the legendary coaches are nominated by their peers and is about high school coaches only.

About the Author

Ron Mayberry has coached 53 years on all levels of play-both genders. He has over 1000 wins, been inducted into three “Hall of Fames”, coached 17 NBA players, selected Texas Junior College “Coach of the Year 3 times, runner up once and National coach of the year once. He has written one fiction book, Education 101, Journey to the Final Four, 5 non-fiction books, The Journey of an Yellow Bird, Teachable Moments for all Educators, Fifty Years of Fun Fundamentals, Principles of Successful Coaching by an old School Coach and Don’t Forget the Yellow Birds. Not only that, he has written a book, Midland College Golf and several articles from newspapers and magazines. His passion is about high school coaches and he wants to give credit to those that have paid the price then made a huge difference with everyone concerned around their sport they coached.