What Would Tom Do?

by Carol J. Borowiak



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 19/09/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 292
ISBN : 9781728393667

About the Book

Welcome to the life of Laura Timmings, a criminal psychologist by day and as crazy as they come in her personal life. In her fifties and fighting crime in more ways than one, she relocates to a small village in North Wales, that boasts the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia and a private beach. Her professionalism and character gives her a high success rate with offenders of crime, so she is admired across the board. Her friendship with her greatest and long time friends (whom she calls sisters) has now become a partnership, which is far from what Laura preaches, and the roll they have taken on, is highly inconceivable to themselves. When Laura’s life is put in jeopardy for the second time, she seems to be spiralling out of control and is driven to an even darker side where THE PARTNERSHIP takes on a different meaning. Her son is her world, and Tom an obsession that helped her through what she thought were the last hours of her life. Tom appears to her in a dream and what he tells her becomes truth, as well as saves her. This is a fast paced psychological thriller, that will leave the reader wondering where these four women will go to next. With twists and turns, ‘WHAT WOULD TOM DO?’ is left open for the PARTNERSHIP to carry on their own private justice. Abhorrent behaviour, sexual content and swearing throughout!

About the Author

I have written plays, directed then produced them either in, Theatrical stage performances, DVD’s and a feature film. All the above were educational and based solely on the hard hitting issues that face us in society each day, no punches spared. Working from primary schools to prisons and spending many years working with offenders of crime under the influences of drugs or substances. My success in this area gave me the inspiration to write. Their stories give you an incite to everything that is wrong in our world today!