Untold Hidden Truths

by John Terpstra



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 31/07/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 596
ISBN : 9781728321172

About the Book

This book thoroughly documents traditions and beliefs, using concrete biblical references, that every religious denomination is wrong about, and it proves how all biblical references must work together without contradiction to tell us the whole truth. This book also reveals secrets of the entire Holy Bible and the book of Revelation in detail, and solves the mystery of the Trinity which has been debated by the churches for decades. This book also contains crucial information concerning apocalyptic events that have been kept secret from the general public for centuries. There are secrets disclosed in detail in this book that no mortal man or religious scholar has ever figured out prior to it being written in this book. The biblical secrets in this book have been researched, studied, and thoroughly documented. This book is not only biblically accurate. It is predominantly indisputable, philosophically profound, prophetically insightful, and extremely overwhelming.

About the Author

The author, John Arthur Terpstra, was born on January 11, 1931. He was raised in a good Christian family and lived in southern Wisconsin most of his life. He was a well-educated veteran who lived by his Christian morals and always practiced what he preached. His curiosity about the mysteries of God and the Holy Bible started when he was just a young child. He read and studied the Bible on a daily basis, and he knew the Bible like the back of his hand. When he questioned ministers and pastors about the Bible and what they were teaching, they were without answers and left speechless. He dedicated most of life to researching, deciphering, and compiling the secrets disclosed in this book. The things that he could figure out were just plain amazing. He was surely gifted with profound logical insight and was by far the wisest man we had ever met. We are also convinced that God was with him throughout the writing of this book. Unfortunately, the author of this book is deceased after dying of natural causes on August 24, 2016, but the legacy of his wisdom shall live on in this book.