Not of My World

by Nikki Ren



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 02/08/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 52
ISBN : 9781728316161

About the Book

In a world where social class exist and our children are meant to be the leaders of tomorrow; they must be given the right tools to succeed in the world they will live. As parents, caregivers, teachers; we have the responsibility of discussing hard topics. How we present these topics through our actions and words will have a lasting impression on our future leaders. When is the right time to discuss cultural diversity, social injustice and inclusion? How well do we help our children manage stress, deal with emotions as it pertains to adversity or tragedy? It is important to introduce these things and acknowledge the barriers that surround them? Not of My World is a fictional story about a relationship between a bird and an elephant whose fathers are leaders of opposing kingdoms. Is it ok for a bird and an elephant to be friends and what does that look like in the real world? Is it ok for people that are different to have relationships and what do we mean by different? There are many topics that children stumble upon in their everyday lives without having direction. A story that includes; opposing kingdoms, animals finding friendship and more; is the opportunity to open young minds and teach lessons that will last a lifetime. An intelligent thought comes from a mind of intellect...

About the Author

With years of experience in healthcare and earning an MBA; Nikki Ren has gained an abundance of knowledge in social barriers. She has a passion for engaging and helping people through difficult times. Over the years she has dealt with many social issues and community barriers that gave her insight on what can be done to prepare children with life coping skills. The Brooklyn born native has deep roots from the island of Trinidad, West Indies; where both her mother and father originate. Her Caribbean-American background allows her to look at the world in different colors. The richness of Trinidad’s culture; through flavorful foods, sounds of Soca music, dance and Carnival quantifies her love for ethnic diversity.