Finger Lickin’ Barbecue

by Archie Berwick & Illustrated by Deb Turcio



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 17/06/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 36
ISBN : 9781728315867

About the Book

As a child, my father used to yell at me whenever I would lick the barbecue sauce off my fingers at the dinner table. He would say that it was rude and not proper table etiquette. He went on to tell me that when my hands get messy with any kind of sauce or food, I should wipe it on the napkin. So for a while, I listened to my father; but when I noticed how the napkin was getting all the good sauce, I once again started to lick my fingers. And I noticed people looking at me weird and my father getting angry once again. But I decided that I didn’t care what people thought about me at the dinner table. I knew that the sauce was good, and I wasn’t going to waste it on a napkin, so I continued to lick my fingers. I was going to be myself no matter who was watching. And one day, I decided that when I fall in love, I wanted a girl who would be my finger lickin’ barbecue. A girl who wasn’t scared or ashamed to be herself in a room full of strangers. A woman who loved the way God made her and was comfortable in her own skin. Finger Lickin’ Barbecue is a book for all ages (one to ninety-nine) who need the daily reminder that it is quite okay to be yourself.

About the Author

Archie was born in the blue collar, hardworking town of Cleveland, Ohio April of 1982. Ever since a young kid, he knew that his purpose in life was to spread as much love as he possibly could. Growing up with three beautiful sisters and a loving mother and father, he realized although they didn’t always have a lot of money, they were rich in love. And when he met other kids his age, that didn’t have both parents or siblings to play with or look up to, he knew that he had to take that love that was taught in his home and spread it around to all his friends and everyone whom he came in contact with. His loud personality and will to spread love didn’t keep him in Cleveland to long, he out grew the city quickly and moved to the big apple, NYC, where he now resides. Archie can now be seen spreading love as the In Arena Host for the NBA team, The Philadelphia 76ers and entertaining for the MLB team The NY Mets.