End Of The Rope

A Story of Two Mountaineers In The Pacific Northwest

by Charles Doan



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 16/07/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 242
ISBN : 9781728318981

About the Book

Two mountaineers are tested when thrown together through an accident. A long recuperation finds both embroiled in academic problems. Ironically they’re on parallel tracks managing wealth. Flashback: paperboy finds old, small-wizened man on his route. A unique companionship evolves. Eventually the boy is endowed with a fortune. While climbing he rescues a Japanese man resulting in opportunity to establish his theories in Japan. Both mountaineers are pioneers in the business world of Japan. A chance encounter rekindles their emotional relationship. Her injuries not healing he searches China, to find the doctor to heal her. Her rehab proceeding he travels to Sumatra seeking rare earths. Nature’s monsoon convolutions almost kill him. Returning to Japan they settle theoretical difficulties. In the USA he resolves financial difficulties, thence returning to Japan for his wedding. He is drafted into the Viet Nam War as an Intelligence Advisor. The war maelstrom confounds his patriotic zeal.

About the Author

Raised through pre-teens in Detroit, Charles’ family moved west to Tacoma, with Mount Rainier continually beckoning him to its slopes. He taught himself skiing eventually morphing into ski mountaineering. As a teenager he enrolled in the mountaineer clubs climbing courses enjoying roped climbing, route finding and camping. Eventually climbing the Cascade Range of Washington/Oregon then California’s Sierra’s. Those peaks were soon followed with climbing in Canada, Wyoming and Colorado. Charles enjoyed three careers as an industrial engineer, a Port industrial real estate developer and operational guru, and finally a private port counselor/advisor eventually serving the World Bank, International Development Bank, US AID and engineering firms in developed and developing countries. This last gambit tested his university degree in Economic Geography. His writing skills revolved primarily around these loci. Happily married to Joan for over 62 years with a family of five all sharing his love of the mountains and travel, Charles and Joan live in Normandy Park, WA.