by George F. Naryshkin DMD BS & With Bill Kaba MBA BS



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Language : English
Publication Date : 23/07/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 168
ISBN : 9781728319049
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 168
ISBN : 9781728319056

About the Book

We are being screwed over by our health-care system, and it’s all our fault!
Did you know?

- High blood pressure did not exist as a medical diagnosis until pharmaceutical companies invented medicines that can lower it and convinced physicians to sell it to their patients.
- There are two kinds of breast cancer: one that will kill you no matter what you do and one that won’t. Yet a breast cancer diagnosis will have your physicians ready to cut you open, radiate you, and pump chemicals into your body—all so they can “save” you.
- The health-care industry, aka the medical industrial complex, is the largest industry in the US and is doing everything they can to make you a lifelong customer. And they are in bed with big government to stay no. 1.
How did America get itself into this mess? Well, we, the people, are partly to blame!- We don’t question our physicians, consuming their “cures” to make us live longer and fix all our problems with a simple pill or procedure.
- We buy into the media’s reinforcement of the above solutions.
- And we allow our politicians to take money from the medical industrial complex to get reelected while making the healthcare industry the fourth largest economy on earth!
Do you want to live the life you deserve—enjoying your friends, family, and hobbies? Or do you want to deplete your emotional and financial capital and your time bank worrying about every little thing that the media, the government, and your physicians say can kill you?
If you answered yes to the former question, read Healthcare Gone Wild. (If you answered yes to the latter, you should read Healthcare Gone Wild immediately; stop living in fear and depriving yourself of happiness now!)

About the Author

George Naryshkin is a dentist, geologist and retired military pilot. His diverse career in three different STEM disciplines, his intellectual curiosity, and his drive to make sense out of nonsense, make him uniquely qualified to write this book. His is also the author of two previous works, Understanding Why; Evolution, Beliefs and Your Reality and Healthy; Says Who?, which explored human behavior from an evolutionary point of view, as well as laid the groundwork for this book.

Bill Kaba, a corporate CFO turned playwright with a passion for science and for understanding how the world works. Or in this case, doesn’t work. His writing credits include, The Twilight Zone (4 short plays), After the Singularity and Date Eight. He is currently finishing a four book science fiction series, Earth2, to be published in 2020.