The World In Your Hands


by John Harrison



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/24/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 64
ISBN : 9781728389400

About the Book

After reading this Beginners Book on Palmistry you will be able to:- • Identify which is your Hand Shape, and what is your personality type? • What is the best career to choose, and why? • How to find a compatible partner, according to hand shape synastry? • What are your main health strengths and weaknesses? • How your fingers indicate your mental abilities and direction in life • Interpret the Major and Minor Lines, which give insights into your purpose in life? • How to discern the timing of events in the past, present and then indicate future trends? • Discriminate between Finger print patterns, that can show your unique mental make up. • Take note of skin ridge patterns, that can define your abilities in sense of humour. • How to follow the correct procedure, so as to read another person’s hands? • Identify and develop the correct skills to become a professional palmistry counsellor? • Learning how to practice, within the right ethical boundaries, using diplomacy.

About the Author

About the Author At an early age, I perceived the radiant energy underlying the phenomenal world, and knew that my real home resided in the spiritual dimensions. Later I studied Theosophy, Vedanta and in my early 20’s practiced Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi Chan. I was especially attracted to Taoism and Buddhism, and in later years joined a Tibetan Buddhist Sangha. I found my vocation in Palmistry, Healing and Spiritual Development. My Client Testimonials over the last 20 years are proof of my status as one of the World’s Leading Palmists and creator of the profession of Palmistry Counselling.