by Yvonne J. Henderson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 28/07/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 122
ISBN : 9781728391335

About the Book

The human body is a multi-dimensional energy system that requires vibrational healing from the living energy within foods, water, sunlight, crystals, plants, sounds, other humans, animals and various forms of homeopathic approaches. In this book we will be looking at how the body constitutes the very elements from which the universe is made. This is done to better understand how to take the necessary steps towards health improvement and conscious living. Use it to help regain the power that our Creator fully intended for us in enabling healthier fulfilling lives. It is not too late to start adapting to positive lifestyle changes because once your health is lost nothing else matters. Being passionate about health and that of others, has caused the author to become more focused on preventative medicine which will enable mankind to become more awakened, conscious and embrace this very important understanding. Preventative medicine is described as ' measures taken to prevent diseases, rather than curing them or treating their symptoms' therefore I urge you to become intimately acquainted with this information which include positive mental, emotional and spiritual outlook and consider it the best investment in energy you will ever make.

About the Author

The Author grew up in Jamaica then migrated to the UK where she studied Mechanical Engineering then went on to earn BSc Hons. in Criminology and Social Policy, MSc in Criminology and Social Research as well as a PhD. She is an avid art enthusiast whose hobbies include travelling and a passion for baking and decorating cakes. In researching the information for this book the author drew and built on previous work by other writers as well as from her own personal research and experiences. This came from a burning desire to fulfill a definiteness of purpose through which she hopes to deliver creative mentorship to others. Over the years, she has listened to many people relating their health issues and in some cases witnessed first-hand how it negatively impacted their lives. The main cause of illnesses stem from an overpowering of low-energy vibrations from things like foods and the environment. Our bodies are energy requiring correct healing techniques enabling us to raise our vibrational frequencies. The challenges faced by the author through her own personal health and spiritual experiences prompted her to dedicate her life to charitable causes and raise awareness about the importance of maintaining vibrational health.