Reading Is King

Must Know Sight Words

by Bernadette A. Richards

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 04/02/2019

About the Book

Reading is a faithful and reliable friend. It never fails and is always there anytime, any day, anywhere, to guide, instruct, and to educate. It is therefore my pleasure to present: Reading Is King Must Know Sight Words. Designed to assist anyone who is encountering difficulties with reading or those who need to improve their reading ability.

Reading should not be restricted to the preparation for an examination or just to get by. Reading is for life and for everyone from the cradle to the grave. Words are everywhere! And children as well as adults should be encouraged to develop a passion for reading, rather than an “I will do it because I have to” attitude.

The ability to call sight words is an essential aspect of reading that must be mastered on the journey to becoming an independent, fluent, and effective reader.

I am confident that with the use of this programme, anyone who is struggling to read or needs to improve their reading skills will become a better reader after using this programme.

About the Author

Bernadette A. Richards is a certified Reading Specialist [BBA] Personal Development facilitator and has been teaching reading and Personal Development for over two decades. She is the founder of the Self Enhancement Centre which has been offering the Read For Life /Personal Development Programme since 1995.

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