The Brokenness and Restoration of a Lost Soul

by Angela Hart



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 18/07/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 892
ISBN : 9781728319612

About the Book

She held Daddy's hand looking down into an empty hole, our basement of our new house being built, She didn't know the horror that lay in wait for her! The basement wasn't just a place to play dolls in! At the age of five, she was sexually assaulted by someone there and continued as she grew. She was introduced to sexual things no little girl (or boy) should ever be! She told her mother, she looked at her coldly and said "Nice girls don't act like that, never talk about this again"! She must not be "a nice girl" because it was happening to her, now she knew she had no one to help her! No one! As she grew up this terrible secret was making her sick! She tried anything, to get rid of this inside pain and still look "normal" outside! As she grew it took her down a dark spiral staircase into a world of sex, drugs, alcohol to numb the pain in her mind and heart which were growing darker, and harder by the moment! Her life was raw, in your face! She tells it as she lived it! The pain will follow us through life, if we don't face it, deal with it! She found hope on her quest to live a "normal" life! Take this journey with her, see there is hope for you as well!

About the Author

I came from a typical middle class family, mom, dad, sisters, and brother. I didn't have any formal education like college that would entitle me to write a book on my painful journey through life, from 5 yr. old girl to older adult in my 60's. I wasn't in school that much. The pain I suffered from and tried to keep hidden from the world kept me out of school from 6th grade through my senior year in high school! The doctors got together with my school principle in, along with my mom and dad and they all suggested I quit school my senior year, as I didn't have enough credits to graduate anyway! I truly grew up taking my learning from the "school of hard knocks"!