Devil’s Ultimate Claim

by Kalishwar Das



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/05/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 376
ISBN : 9781546264118

About the Book

The author started compiling this book 24 years ago in India when the first title of it with the name of Hitler, was discovered. That unchangeable title shaped the entire storyline of the book to connote the entire world history in fictitious tone to form this newest but divided compile in your hand. Based on his lifetime achievements in the art of deep meditation and learning to stream on the roots of upcoming events, the author claims to have encountered divinity, which empowered him to know about devilish force in this human world. According to him, positive and negative forces claim entire world system, which the author masterminded by characterizing them with one of the most horrible names: Hitler, to represent negative force while Dhamma, the god, as the positive force with a new name. Of course, this is a fiction story but the real-time world events and characters have toned this book a matchless piece of representation, to let readers taste something, which they’d have never tasted before. Combined Hindi version of this book has been very precisely divided. So this book has two major parts now. The current version is what the devil claimed while the next version: ‘Thus Spake the Lord, ...thyself, -is about riposting devil’s claim with divine truths. Going through this book to another will give you an understanding of divinity as well.

About the Author

Author is an American businessman of indian origin. A meditation junkie. A fascinated man with world history and diplomacy, a graduate in sociology from Patna University of 1988 batch. A proud father of two teenaged boys with extraordinary burdens of handling businesses and crippled wife. He must be called a successful person in America in many other fields beside completing and publishing book with a Hollywood projectile. Successful in the field of accomplishing businesses, fulfilling dreams of his family and his own of recomposing entire world history and in writing about Indian Agams which is still banned by the traditional mentors in India. His exploration about divinity to help scientific sector to achieve that unknown depth of understanding this vast creation could be the greatest contribution in solving its mysteries. His belief in alien lives and technologies, many of them must be superior to human technology must have achieved by acknowledging the ultimate truth about divinity. So, his next book is about the trial to make his beliefs verifiable that the god is an ultimate scientific truth. Humankind can achieve this to become the cosmic champion only if they learn these methods of acknowledging divinity. In the next book, he is revealing the methods to do so by explaining how he achieved the same through meditation as the first essential tool.