Bedtime Tales for Grave Snatchers

by Tommy Richards



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 02/11/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 328
ISBN : 9781546264385

About the Book

When the Night Falls-A graphic look into the tortured mind of Jerry as he gives us a play-by-play account of the war waged upon all mankind by Satan and his army. Why is it happening? With guidance from Artimus the Giant, Ezekiel the Wizard and the British army, find out if the world will be subjected to Satan’s minions for all eternity. Tonight’s the Night for Poor ‘ol Fred: A short story about Fred and his quest to find his dream girl. Will Debbie be the one? A Better Breed of People: Billy Van Zant, a cab driver, who was pulled over and then tortured by a few bad cops. When he decides to take matter into his own hands ,find out how he plans to execute his revenge. Will he be successful? The Aftermath: A novel about Brook Shore Island, a melting pot and a vacation spot for tourists. A place where race riots and police corruption are allowed to go unchecked. But then a hurricane rips through and unleashes a spell over the island. When the dead rise, will our survivors overcome their prejudices? Or will their hatred for one another stand in the way of their own survival. Leave the Crypt Alone: Darling Joseph is the ultimate prankster and his poor neighbors are at his mercy. But did he finally go too far this time?

About the Author

Tommy Richards, a horror junkie and zombie lover, is finally taking a stab at scaring the world with his creations. Since he grew up reading horror comics and Stephen King books, he now feels it is time to unleash the mayhem. Enter if you dare!