Walking Back on Memory Lane

by Marlene Wheeler Scott



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 30/10/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 216
ISBN : 9781546266143

About the Book

I have written several books of poems over many years....My poems are written for Friends/Loved ones, even Strangers, regarding Death/Birth/Marriage/Divorce....Poems about Politics/Government....Poems of Thankfulness/ of feeling Blessed.....some are my poems expressing my opinion and perception of Life and things that have happened in our lives...Many people/friends that I have met on my journey, from my first step until now Throughout this book you will see “Thank You” inserts, dedications to so many, also a few comments from some I had met who also traveled a hard road, but kept their Faith.....So many lives that were changed forever.....They ALL had a Dream/a Goal, and they reached that Goal and fulfilled their Dream Yes, the Journey has been hard and long, but I would never depart From the Memories of those I met and have touched my heart......So, as I walked back down Memory Lane, I remembered it was the turning point in my life, Nothing would I change I wanted to instill the Memory of each and every one of my friends/family who encouraged me, putting them in my book….There are too many to mention by name, but know that as I wrote this book, I was remembering each of you....I thank God for having put you in my life.....I am a better person because of you....Thank You, I will NEVER forget you Many books of Poetry I have now wrote Because I listened to God when He spoke Writing was a Therapy for me in many ways Thank You God for giving to me, these memorable days God, You know my future, it was already planned You walked with me, never letting go of my hand Many of those who You sent to me on My Life’s Way Are still with me, in my heart and memory every day Thank You God for all that You have done It is because of You, family, friends, I made it, I did overcome

About the Author

I live in Santee, S.C., born in Kentucky, graduated in Camden, Ohio from Shawnee High School..After graduation I joined the Navy, met my husband, married , becoming a Navy wife, had four children, 3 sons/1 daughter..now have 9 Grandchildren & 12 Great Grandchildren We moved a lot, meeting many wonderful people, learned a lot...I learned we are all looking for the same thing, Love/Peace/Understanding and friendship...We all have pain/sorrow and a need in our lives upon the loss of a loved one This became a reality when I lost my son unexpectedly, leaving a void in my life that is still there...We moved to a Campground for quiet time where we again met wonderful people...A church where I found peace/comfort/understanding/ and my calling to write...I began writing poetry and it seemed to bring me closer to my son...God guided my words, showing me how precious Life and the Time He gives us with loved ones is...God said Death does not Separate us, but, Unites us People then began asking me to write poems for them, so began my writing..Without you and God there would be no book...Poems I wrote were from my heart ...I want them to go on and on...God says even after Death, Life goes on Sixteen years later, we still live on the Campground, go to the same Church..God willing, we will see more