Re-Inventing Our Lives

A Handbook for Socio-Economic “Problem-Solving”

by Mohamed Buheji



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 19/11/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 576
ISBN : 9781546298403

About the Book

When we study socio-economic issues we are actually studying the way our lives are planned. This Handbook targets to re-invent the way we think and deal with challenges in our life journey by re-inventing how our mindsets can visualise complex problems. Patterns of problem structure and its activity profile are shown in relevant to discovering ‘hidden opportunities’ in the socio-economic issues. To re-invent the issues in our life the problem outcome is linked to both the problem scenarios and its visualised stories. Therefore, the dynamics of the socio-economic complex situations are explained based on the different ‘styles of thinking’ not the ‘competency of problem-solving’. The case studies in the handbook show how our social life affects our economic outcomes. Also, all the examples of dealing with problems in different ways pave the way for re-inventing our lives through re-inventing the way we deal with our communities and organisations chronic problems. Dr. Buheji in this first-ever “Handbook of Socio-Economic Problem Solving” shows how we can renew our ‘learning capacity’ and to extract factors that influence the problem outcome to come with “High” ‘multiplying effect’ model solutions. The diversified problem-solving techniques help the reader to build socio-economic perspectives. The reader would be challenged to explore the mindset of managing life frustrations that would make us create proper community solutions through visualising improved situations, inspiring change and creating meaningful wealth in our life journey. The book shows the link between the learning by involvement and learning by experience that lead to life breakthroughs. It is a personal challenge; so can you take it?

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