Pieces of Me

by Souls Inkpen



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 16/07/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 104
ISBN : 9781546251637

About the Book

This book is several stories ranging from romantic or erotic acts to a man’s quest for love, which usually ended in heartache. He will have you falling in love with the idea of the perfect man then leave you crying with the realization of how some men really think. Pieces of Me has everything from his passionate opinions of different issues like race, relationships, and even religion to his constant battle to be a better person. He will even have you laughing with his corny catch lines and mad because the world should be a better place. All this and more is expressed in a unique form of poetry that is Souls Inkpen.

About the Author

My name is Brandon Jerome Current, I was born 1983-07-26 in the small town of Muskogee Oklahoma which makes me a REAL “OKIE FROM MUSKOGEE”. The reason for this compilation of my writings is to give YOU, the reader an inside look at the mind of SOULS INKPEN. I was surrounded by poetry my entire life and never knew it until I was about 13 when my two older brothers stumbled upon some poetry from our mother, Linda Current. My mother had taken college courses when we were younger and for one of her assignments she decided to write and perform a poem about love and her take on what it meant. By the time she finished her piece her entire class was in tears and after my brothers finished it they were moved just the same, later that day my older brother Ronnie came out of his room and I just happened to go in there and saw what he’d written and while for the life of me I can’t recall what it was I do remember it was phenomenal. Eventually I started looking for love and well, for lack of a better explanation, love just was NOT looking for me. I remember being 15 years old sitting down at the dinner table, COMPLETELY FRUSTRATED, watching my brother, who was on leave, reading a poem and seeing how the girls were hanging onto his every word and saying “I just wish I could do what my brother and mom can do.” Well as luck would have it one night when I was 16 I started writing and haven’t stopped since, I started writing and reading some of my earlier stuff to friends who told me they liked it, but these were some of the same people that talked about me behind my back so I didn’t take them seriously. Time went on, I graduated high school and began working odd jobs but never stopped writing and eventually followed my dreams and joined the United States Marine Corps where I was assigned to IIIMEF-IMAW stationed aboard Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Okinawa Japan. There I was given several opportunities to perform at the local lyrical lounge and I made sure to NEVER MISS A SHOW unless I was otherwise deployed. After 2 ½ years I was given orders to 1st Marine Logistics Group/Combat Logistics Regiment 15 aboard Camp Pendleton in the sunny southern California city of Ocean Side where I would start performing weekly and even participated in a slam. After I got out in 2011 I moved back home, got married, had 3 beautiful children and helped form a group of seriously fierce poets known as the Muskogee Soul Searchers and I have got to say although I miss the Marine Corps EVERY DAY, I wouldn’t have the family I have nor would I be in the group I’m in and every now and again I’ll go through what most of us writers go through called writers block but I always manage to bounce back, I believe that no matter how long it’s been since you’ve written, there is ALWAYS some inspiration waiting just around the corner.